"I feel a great sense of

responsibility in carrying on the Superman Tradition. It’s part of American


Gerard Christopher
Fan Showcase

Get to know more about the multi-talented Actor, Scriptwriter, and Producer.

Gerard left an enduring mark in the Superman mythos. In 1989 he was cast to play the title role on the hit, syndicated television series, The Adventures of Superboy.


Superboy in the 21st Century!

28 years after leaving television, seasons 2-4 are finally on DVD and Streaming Media!

Fans can buy the Adventures of Superboy at the WB Shop , Amazon or other retailers.


1,000 copies of season 4 were individually hand-signed by Gerard Christopher and the DVD was released MOD (Made on Demand) on October 28th, 2013.


A whole new generation can enjoy Superboy by subscriptions or purchasing episodes on the streaming websites: DC Universe, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Google Play and iTunes.


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The Gerard Christopher and Superboy Fan Showcase


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